Throughout terms 2 and 3 Area 9 have been working on Aboriginal Studies. First we visited the Waalitj Heritage Trail and met 2 Aborigines. After our visit we listened to lots of Dreaming stories that we could paint on the outside of our wall of our demountable. An Aboriginal man named Noel, came to our school and told us a Dreaming story about How the Blue Tongued Lizard got its blue tongue. After this story we worked with Angela to plan for our mural. First we walked through the bush behind our demountable.

We collected plants from the ground and took them back to the art room. When we got back Angela told us how to crush charcoal and ochre rock. We each had a try to crush the charcoal and rocks. Then we mixed them with a little water to make paint. Angela then gave a piece of paper with three lines of tape in equal spaces. We painted the background with charcoal and ochre. Then we took some of the objects we collected from the bush, dipped them into either, red, black or white and printed it into one of the columns.

Some children put on patterns of their handprint on one of the columns. On our second lesson we selected animals that we see in our bush behind the classroom and Angela made them out of cardboard. We sprayed around the animals  with some thin runny paint in a spray bottle. We listened to another Dreaming story while the paint dried. When they were dry we experimented with different patterns that Aborigines used in their paintings and then painted our designs.

Using these designs we are now painting our demountable with Angela’s help and it is very exciting. We hope to finish our mural by the end of term. Written by Kate on behalf of the children of Area 9.