Bibra Lake Excursion

 On our day at Bibra Lake we focused on finding out how plants and trees were used in traditional everyday life of Noongar Aboriginals.

Some things we knew already e.g. that spears and boomerangs were made from trees but there were many other uses too, which really surprised us.

We found that hunters used simple tools often to make weapons or tools to catch food. E.g.-nets from vines to catch fish, hollow reeds were used as snorkels to catch wild ducks on lakes, digging sticks were made to find wild yams.   

Fire is an important part of Aboriginal life and carrying a fire stick of Banksia nut meant a fire could be started quickly and easily when they wanted to set up a new camp.
Other types of plants were used to make a cordial which when fermented turned alcoholic.

Some leaves were medicinal and healed cuts and from spears while others when crushed cleared babies blocked noses. Of course Aborigines used trees to shelter them from the elements by building mia mias. Ceremonial music or corroborees was provided by tapping sticks and didgeridoos made from certain woods. We were amazed at the ingenuity shown by Aborigines in their use and care of trees and plants in this part of our state.