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Year 7












The Year 7 classes have been involved in both categories, Make-a-Difference and The Futures Project, of the P.A.L.S Reconciliation Awards for 2004.

Students have produced a newspaper with an Aboriginal theme in an effort to increase awareness of Aboriginal culture, historical and contemporary issues, and the talents and contributions to Australian Society by Aboriginal people. Through working on this project, it is hoped there will develop a little more reconciliation of attitudes and improving of understanding between these groups.

Students are working with three other classes to design and paint a picket fence as an entrance to the heritage trail. Symbolic representation of the meaning and purpose of P.A.L.S. as interpreted by the students has been incorporated in the overall design and in keeping with classroom work on Noongar Culture.

A timeline is being created detailing important historical information related to the hero Yagan from the Noongar culture. This is to be in the form of artwork painted on the path leading into the remnant Banksia woodland at our school. Students were also actively engaged in the planting of shrubs and trees endemic to the area in an effort to restore a degraded section of the bush. This has also been part of the awareness process in helping students to appreciate the integration of plants and animals in the lives of the Noongar people.

This project has been our school’s focus for 2004 with the hope that ongoing work will continue in future years.