The year 1/2 children have been exploring Aboriginal Art and Dreamtime Stories. This page gives a sample of the wonderful creative results so far.


The Kookaburra
One day in the dreamtime there was a Kookaburra. 
He didn’t laugh like the other kookaburras.
He was sad. So off he went to ask people. 
First he asked the kangaroo to give him a joke.
The kangaroo said “What sort of joke?”
“A funny joke” said the kookaburra.
“Yes I will,” said the Kangaroo. 
“Knock Knock.”“Who’s there?” said the kookaburra. “Yes.”
“Yes who” said the kookaburra?

The kookaburra laughed so much that 
he couldn’t stop laughing. So he went and asked the Emu.
“Emu? Can you give me a joke and a fu
nny one ok?" 
“What is the difference between a fly and a bird?” said the emu. 
“A bird can fly but a fly can't bird."
“That’s so funny,” said the kookaburra.
By Ryan