Area 12 Designing a Picket Fence Motif for the Aboriginal Heritage Trail

The students have enjoyed learning about Aboriginal Dreaming stories. As well as reading lots of these we have heard a selection from Noongar people we have met. These stories are very special and explain important aspects  of the environment and rules for living. The students have tried to understand the important aspects of the stories shared.

A visit by Marie Taylor,  a local Noongar elder , and her niece Kristy (an artist), taught the children more about local Noongar traditions. The students were given the opportunity to work with Marie on paintings  of the story  “The Hand of the Humans”. This local story is very important to Aboriginal people because it explains how the people became custodians of the land.

They were given the very important job of looking after the land. This story is to be used for the paintings on the picket fence which is our part of the whole school project. Mrs Jackson-Betham will help the students transfer their artistic ideas of this story onto the picket fence. The students are looking forward to the completion of this project and showing off to the community what they have learnt about Aboriginal culture.  By Hannah, Josh, Michelle and Anna.