The Way of the Whirlwind      

On Wednesday 26th May most of our school went to see the ballet. We saw it in the undercover area. The ballet was an Aboriginal story. Most of the characters in the story were Australian animals.

Some of the animals were budgies, kangaroos, a crocodile, a lizard, some fish, a mopoke owl, bats, a crab, a frog, a turtle and some cockatoos. They wore very clever costumes that really helped to tell the story.

The story was about a brother and a sister who couldn’t find their baby brother. They searched for him underwater and throughout the land. They found out that he was taken by the whirlwind but the whirlwind returned him in the end.

The performers were mostly children who are still at school. We thought they did an excellent job.

We had a really enjoyable time.